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Cincinnati Swerve announce first 3 players for the 2016-17 season

CINCINNATI, OH – The Cincinnati Swerve are pleased to announce the first 3 players for the upcoming MASL 2 season:  Sam Fiore, Chris Dobrowolski and Manny Adjei have committed to the Swerve for the 2016-17 season.

“When we committed to playing at a higher level in the MASL 2, we knew we would have to upgrade our roster with not only talent, but also professional indoor experience.  We have some real talent out for the team this year, along with some guys with quality indoor experience.” – Coach Jay Schneider

Coach comments about Sam Fiore: “Sam has so much professional indoor experience and is a real leader.  He was a key player for the Cincinnati Kings when they won the division 4 or 5 years in a row, made it to the championship game and spent some time with US National Arena Soccer Team. He will be vital to our team this year.”

Coach comments about Chris Dobrowolski: “Chris developed as a player with the Cincinnati Kings into a core player with that team.  He is so important for us this season, not just because of his experience, but because he is such a good leader.  With our team, we don’t just want good players, we want leaders.  Debo is both.”

Coach comments about Manny Adjei: “Manny doesn’t have much indoor experience, but I can’t tell you how much he has improved in a short amount of time.  I believe he has a real future in professional indoor soccer.  As he continues to develop as an indoor player, the sky is really the limit for him.”

The Swerve continue to build their roster.  Open tryouts are continuing through October 18th.  Interested players can contact Jay Schneider at 513-545-2556.